Saint Marina Beach

The beach Palouki - Agia Marina is located in the Bay of Cheloniti. The bathing beach is the coastal part of the larger open bay, length 24.5 km. Length of the beach is 2,420 m, average width of 20 m and a western orientation. The coastal zone and the seabed consists of sand. The coastal zone is partially modified, due to existence of problems in the northern end. In the limit of the coast there are trees and sea lilies. Marine biodiversity includes kelp and algae, which are attached to the rocky parts of the coast. The swimmer waters first steps are shallow and gently sloping bottom (at 230 m from the shore the depth of approximately 5 m).

The beach is accessed by road via the new national road Patras-Pyrgos. The northern part of the beach is organized and offers infrastructure service bathers as umbrellas, changing rooms, showers, bins and waste baskets. On the coast there are wooden walkways and refreshment. The northern end of the coast bounded by the marina. Along the coast bathing streaming flow streams, of which the two streams south of the marina is the stream and the stream Chelmolakka ampoules. The maximum number of bathers is estimated at 500 people.