Archaiological Museum of Pyrgos (Agora)

Attracts countless visitors from Greece and abroad . It is one of the largest projects in modern history of the Tower , the most prestigious in ILEIAKI capital . The recent conversion of the building into Archaeological Museum and similar interventions in the wider surroundings are leading traffic to Greek and foreign tourists . Guests can admire an amazing architectural structure , an impressive exhibition space is a real jewel.

The building of the municipal market occupies an entire block in the center of town . The period of reconstruction is placed around 1880 and attributed to architect Ernst Ziller. It has three interior patios , central portion protruding side , which result in discrete angular volumes . As shown , the structure of the building in this position then signaled the evolution of trade zone city . The building functioned as the central market of the city until 1957 . 's Shutdown , due to maintenance needs , which were becoming increasingly urgent.

Then came the change concerns the use of the building and conversion into a museum , so in 1962 the City Council decided to make a donation to the Greek State. The ground floor hosts the galleries of the Museum. These thistles band uniform surfaces with main access from Karaiskaki street , through which guide the visitor in the lobby and common convenience of the central atrium . At the perimeter of the reception area and the parts fit cloakroom , shop printed material etc. At the level of the first floor housed desk scientific staff , library , reading room , restrooms and meeting space . From the passages of the floor are visible exhibition spaces of the museum .

At basement level there is the big hall and conference is handled entirely by the Municipality Tower under the agreement with the Ministry of Culture. The affinity of use of the upper space with the cafeteria led to their proximity choice . The other areas include among others : Group Hall laboratories findings , site security and control of the Museum , finds study hall , etc. Granted by the City Tower in Politismou and opened its doors to the public on 07/16/2013 .