Central Square of Pyrgos

The city of Pyrgos honors Dionysios Karagiorga giving the name to the central square of the city, one of the major central squares in the country, in Saki Karagiorga Square. Dionysios Karagiorgas was born in 1930 in Pyrgos.He joined the Higher Industrial of Piraeus and later  the School of Economics and Business in Athens. His first contact with the public was initially as a Directorate of Ministry Program Coordination (1955 - 1956) and then in the Design Department of the Bank of Greece.

At the same time he enriches the experience of researching current problems of economic policy and collaborates in the writing who entries Economic and Accounting Encyclopedia. Following other colleagues, he dicided to go for postgraduate studies abroad.He selected a cognitive object in Public Economics at the London School of Economics. The 1962 he earns a PhD and returns to Greece,to the Bank of Greece, where he continues his research activity. Next year he becomes a curator at the headquarters of Applied Economics at the Higher Industrial. In 1964 he was seconded to the Centre of Planning and Economic Research and was already a lecturer of Public Finance, collaborated in drafting the first five-year program of economic development of the country (1966-1970), participating actively in the pension.